December 04, 2014

Memebox. Superbox #72 Etude House. Unboxing.

My very first Memebox is finally here just in time before Christmas, when I need something more, something new, and something fancy to incorporate into my usual beauty routine. I picked up Memebox Superbox #72 Etude House, as I desperately wanted to try out something from Etude House and this collaboration was the perfect excuse for me to indulge. Korean beauty or k-beauty is becoming a big trend lately, while beauty editors and international fashion magazines claim that Korean cosmetics and skin care are arguably among the most sophisticated in the world. That is why Korean cosmetic companies get a lot of love among beauty enthusiasts worldwide!

Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72. A sneak peek.

Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72.

Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72. Beauty menu card.

So, here is what's inside my Memebox by Etude House! Although a little scared and reserved, I was actually delighted when I opened my first bright pink beauty box! Lovely full-sized products dressed in cute packaging for skin care, body care and makeup.

Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72. What's inside.

Etude House Oh My Lash Mascara Top Coat
Create translucent and glossy lashes by applying it alone, or give a non-smudging and long-lasting finish to your regular eye makeup by applying it over mascara.

Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72. Oh My Lash Top Coat Mascara.

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream
This famous cream is a gentle, deeply moisturizing, and skin firming facial cream. It's fast absorbing and lightweight in texture, making it a suitable moisturizer for both summer and winter.

Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72. Moistfull Collagen Cream and Serum.
Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72. Moistfull Collagen Cream and Serum.

Etude House Play Thearpy Sleeping Pack
A special formula enriched with collagen to deeply nourish and tighten up dry, sagging skin overnight for a radiant complexion next morning.

Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72. Play Thearpy Sleeping Pack.

Etude House Belle Dress Pretty Look Shower Cologne
A fruity perfume complex will give a refreshingly moist and sweetly scented start to your day. Get ready in the morning with a spritz of Belle Dress Cologne.

Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72. Belle Dress Pretty Look Shower Cologne.

Etude House Face Conditioning Fixer
A makeup boosting fixer for cooling, refreshing, and moisturizing the skin while locking in makeup in place for a long-lasting, silky finish.

Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72. Face Conditioning Fixer.

Etude House Brow Mascara
A mascara for your brows. Non-smudging and long-lasting this mascara offers a naturally defined and youthful-looking arches with just a quick smudge.

Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72. Brow Mascara.
Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72. Brow Mascara.

So, that was everything and I think it is a perfect introduction box to Etude House and to Korean beauty products overall. I haven't tried anything get, just a spritz of Belle Dress really, but everything seems so promising, of very good quality and cute packaging.

Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72.

Memebox x Etude House. Superbox #72.

Unfortunately, the Memebox by Etude House is sold out, but you can take a look at Memebox website here, as you can shop for other beauty boxes or for individual products from various Korean brands.

Take care and enjoy your beauty sessions!


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