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My blog has been awarded the Liebster Award - Discover New Blogs prize given by Eva from, Konstantina from, and Roulita from Thank you so much, girls, I really appreciate it and I wish all the best for you and your blogs! Following the rules, I tag 10 blogs I follow, I love and I find interesting and which have less than 300-500 followers. Breaking the rules, I changed a bit the colours of the award and you will find a couple of versions of it ibelow. 

LIEBSTER Award. I just got my first blog award!

Blogs I tag.

Anna's diary

Georgia's tips

Mint Vinyl

Artdecorationcrafting by Christina Makri

Lipstick and Lace

Lilly's daily blog

The LIFB Issue

My Beauty Law

Demys Beauty and News

City Life all about you

And a couple more I love with more than 300-500 followers.

A Touch of Distinction

Crazy Jazzy Tips 4 Everything

Lowbudget-Lowcost blog
LIEBSTER Award. Discover new blogs. This is cherry.

LIEBSTER Award. Discover new blogs. This is pink.

LIEBSTER Award. Discover new blogs. This is teal, the original one!

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Love for you all!

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